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Posts published so far:

10 days left

What would you do before leaving Earth for a year?

Here we are

Green bacteria on red planet

What?? Two weeks already?

Interview with Andy Weir, author of “The Martian”

Home: a dome-shaped machine

First month on simulated Mars

Enter the dome

A  visa to Mars

The selection

“Blood is flowing in your hometown”

Being a test subject on simulated Mars

Meet my domemates

Preparing for Christmas on a volcano

Celebrations in isolated and confined environments

The cave

Bacteria surfing space

Why waste money to go to space?

Halfway there

Hazy time

The Martian Scientist

Live from Mars

Domemade food

A Beautiful (Red) Planet

Time travel and the extended underpants

Life without a phone

Tomorrow, the open air

2 thoughts on “Contents

  1. Hélène Byé says:

    Génial ce blog Cyprien !
    Je te suis avec beaucoup d’attention, ton blog est dans mes “FAVORIS” et j’ai bien apprécié le post “What ? Two weeks, already ?” qui donne des détails sur votre quotidien….et me permet de mieux imaginer votre vie là bas…sous le dôme…


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